Expert Botox and Dermal Fillers Training

Invest In Your Training With Leading Botox Expert Dr. Amir Rouzati

Program Information

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Instructor: Dr. Amir Rouzati

Dr Rouzati has been passionately involved in the anti-aging industry since  2006.  During his own early years in this field, he recognized that there was a need for high quality, hand on botox and fillers training.  He found that the marketplace had many large format,  seminar-style courses,  that often ended up simply presenting the very basics of this field mostly in a didactic format and not providing enough opportunity for hand-on injection practice.

The RejuvaMD Botox Training and Fillers Training Course has been designed to provide excellence in teaching, combining pre-course video teaching tutorials with live hands-on injecting of patients models. The course also emphasizes the concept of repetition, recognizing that, you must have repetitive opportunity to do a procedure, in order to develop confidence in it.

The tuition includes online access to the pre course video tutorials plus live hands on teaching.

Program Benefits

  • 2-Day hands on training with patient models
  • Online video tutorials
  • Exclusive training with Dr. Rouzati in a small group setting
  • Earn your certification in medical aesthetics injectables
  • Learn injection methods from a leading expert with over 1o years of experience in botox and fillers

Topics Covered

  • Cosmetic Botox injection anatomy and dosing for upper and lower face
  • Medical Botox injections for hyperhidrosis and migraine treatment
  • Dermal fillers for volumizing and lifting the skin
  • Complications prevention and safe management of complications
  • Pearls of wisdom for optimal business success in the anti-aging industry

Who Should enroll?

This certification course is perfect for physicians who:

  • Want to add valuable skills their medical practice
  • Are from a wide variety of disciplines such as: family practice, internal medicine, ER, Surgery etc.
  • Understand the need to keep pace in the fast growing anti-aging industry