Botox and Masseter Reduction

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of patients using Botox for masseter reduction and lower face contouring.  By injecting Botox painlessly into the masseter muscles surrounding the jaw, we are able to create a more angular appearance to the lower jaw.  Therefore, this easy procedure is ideal for individuals with a square-jaw appearance.  Amongst women in particular, using Botox to reduce the masseter muscles surrounding the jaw provides a softer and more feminized lower jaw as well as giving the appearance of having lost weight in the face.  Overall, this procedure can provide you with a more slender lower face.  As an added benefit, by using Botox to reduce the masseter muscles, we are also able to reduce mouth grinding in patients who suffer from this habit.  Usually, Botox is administered in the masseter muscles twice a year and costs approximately $400 for each treatment.  We encourage you to contact our clinic and book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Rouzati to see if this procedure is well suited for you.

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