How the Benefits of BOTOX Transcend Anti-Aging

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The advantages of BOTOX® for fine lines and wrinkles has long been known and benefited from. However, some people are not aware of the various other benefits that BOTOX® can provide, such as:

Migraine reliefAfter receiving BOTOX® injections, patients report having fewer and less severe migraines. When injected into the forehead, neck and shoulder 3-4 times a year, it reduces tension in the muscles, which in turn lessens the spasm-like pain of migraines.

Sweat reliefBotox injections in the underarms or palms are effective in stopping the excessive production of sweat, called hyperhidrosis. By inhibiting the chemical acetycholine, your sweat glands become inactive. The results can last up to 6 months.

Jaw Slimming: Botox® injections in the jaw area are used to relax the muscles and give the jaw a smoother appearance. This procedure is popular among patients who have pronounced, square-like jaw lines and would like a rounder, more feminine look.

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