Why Choose Botox for Migraine Treatment?

botox-for-migraineBe Migraine-Free This Summer

The miraculous effects of Botox now go beyond anti-aging and into the realm of chronic migraine treatment. Migraines can impair the social, personal, and professional lives of sufferers in unimaginable ways. Botox can dramatically reduce migraine pain and let you go back to living comfortably. Although Botox injections cannot cure migraines completely, the temporary relief they bring is highly appreciated by those affected by it.

How does it work? Migraines are caused by muscle contractions that trigger blood vessel spasms and erratic nerve firings. Botox disrupts the signals to the nerves that cause these contractions. The injections relax the muscles in your head, neck and face, reducing not only migraine frequency, but also severity. Consequently, the use of Botox will reduce or eliminate your need for migraine medications and their associated side effects. Having Botox treatments in 7 key trigger areas every 3 months will ensure all of these benefits.

Dr. Rouzati is experienced in the application of medical Botox and can perform the procedure safely and effectively. Book a complimentary consultation today to start your individualized Botox treatment plan.

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