Taking Care of Your Skin at Any Age

Your skin is the first thing people notice when they look at you. Maintaining healthy and radiant skin requires the right skin care routine, even for a 20 year old. Here are tips on how to maintain a gorgeous complexion at any age:

In your twenties, your skin is still elastic and firm. Products to fight wrinkles may not be necessary, but many 20-somethings are now getting preventative Botox injections, which will minimize the need for Botox in the future. The most important skin care tip is to use SPF regularly, which prevents premature aging and decreases the risk of skin cancer. Dr. Rouzati recommends ZO SPF+Primer, which protects your skin against UV rays, and also preps and primes your skin for makeup.

As you approach your thirties, fine lines may appear as skin becomes thinner and drier. Sunscreen is still vitally important in this decade, as well as proper hydration. A moisturizer is highly recommended, such as ZO Daily Renewal Crème, as well as periodic Botox injections to smooth out the fine lines on your forehead and around the eyes. A lot of thirty-somethings also opt for fillers, whether in their cheekbones or their nasolabial folds, if they notice some volume loss.

In your forties, lines on the forehead may get deeper and begin appearing around the mouth. This is where the use of sunscreen will pay off, as sun damage reveals itself around this age as hyperpigmentation (brown spots). If you notice that you do have some hyperpigmentation, Dr. Rouzati recommends ZO Brightenex, a lightening cream that will even out your complexion and give you a youthful radiance. As at any decade, Botox and filler injections in your forties could help turn back the clock and give you a youthful glow.

In your fifties and beyond, skin care becomes more specialized. Some people will have issues with deep lines and wrinkles, while others will struggle with loss of volume in their cheeks and lips. Botox and filler injections are quick, effective solutions to these issues, and require no downtime unlike other cosmetic treatments. Products containing retinol and amino acids can minimize the appearance of wrinkles by supporting collagen production and increasing skin density. Dr. Rouzati recommends ZO Growth Factor Serum, which stimulates cellular function restores elasticity.

It is easier to age gracefully when one still has great skin. Knowing how to care for your skin throughout the years will help keep it healthy and radiant. Call (905)707-6080 to book a free consultation with Dr. Rouzati at RejuvaMD, or come in today to see our selection of ZO Skin Health products!

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