Why Buy Skin Care Products at a Doctor’s Office?

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Is there a difference between the skin care products you purchase from a pharmacy and the medical grade products you can find at the doctor’s office, also known as “cosmeceuticals”? Cosmeceuticals are products which are a blend of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. For example, adding vitamin A to a cream will classify it as a cosmeceutical. Many of these products contain certain active ingredients that are stronger and more effective. The reason they are only sold at doctors’offices is because they require a trained professional to inform the client how to properly and safely use the product. Doctors also have access to prescription strength skin care products that can offer the strongest and most effective results for your needs, including anti-aging, acne, hyperpigmentation.

At RejuvaMD in Toronto, Dr. Rouzati always considers scientific data when choosing a skin care line. This is why he chose the revolutionary ZO Skin Health line by dermatologist Dr. Obagi. This way, you can trust the efficacy of the product and not waste your money on creams that don’t deliver results. ZO Skin Health not only produces excellent results, but it also smells amazing and has comes in beautiful packaging. Come in to RejuvaMD today to sample the entire line of our ZO products!

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